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CBD Smokables

We offer top quality CBD smokable products. We know the importance of a smooth intake along with achieving the best aroma and taste. We offer a variety of smokeable products using a wide range of hemp strains to meet your needs. 

Variety of CBD Smokables

Smoking CBD is one of the fastest delivery methods for feeling or noticing the effects of CBD, CBG and other hemp-based compounds. Many people choose to smoke it due to the rapid delivery while others choose it due to taste and smells that they enjoy. Although smoking itself is a method of delivery, there are different ways in which people like to take in their CBD smokables. To meet varying customer needs, we offer smokeable products including hemp CBD or CBG joints, cigarettes and flower.

CASE STUDY: Finished Goods for alright BRAND

BKR Solutions was tasked with creating both product and packaging for the “alright brand“. The brand caters to active, social, outdoorsy customers. They needed a way to address customers that are brand new to smoking and also customers that are experience cannabis smokers.

BKR Solutions:

  1. identified specific strains to meet the needs of each customer group
  2. established supply chain to consistently source each strain
  3. procured packaging that met high brand standards and fit their unique customer needs
  4. collaborated with alright’s brand agency to create amazing finished goods
bkr solutions alright hemp joints
bkr solutions alright hemp smokes

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